Computer-mediated experiences such as Zoom were one way to maintain communication with your community.  The possibilities of digital communication became of global interest and has hastened VR development.  As we move closer to a virtual world, we must explore the potential of virtuality for performance.  This project subverts traditional strategies for composing dance through VR, which brings new creative possibilities.  Spawnification creates a virtual space for a unique experience of dance and movement communication.

From Inside the Headset

Dancing in the VR Space

Non Dancer

Space for Kinaesthetic Sensing

In Spawned, the dance takes place in an empathy machine, a 360-degree environment for choreography and kinaesthetic sensing.  Created in Unity's gaming platform and experienced through an HTC Vive Headset, the performer is central to the performance space.  The player does not use the VR hand paddles usually associated with the Vive headset but, uses real time hand tracking. The dancer/user/player interacts within the virtual space with their own hands.

The Making of Spawnification