A Face For All Occasions

The dancer performs with a large animated mask. The animated face reflects the marble picture in which it and the dancer's body is placed it appears as if the marble comes alive within the face. The animated face appears to be a mask for femininity it is perfect, yet it is also twists and contorts and expresses a breadth of emotions that range from humorous to horrific.

Animated & Choreographed by Megan Beckwith

Sound Design by Jacques Soddell and Danced by Daina Pjenkne


2006 danced by Daina Pjenkne at the Playhouse, Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne

2006 danced by Daina Pjenke for the Commonwealth Games Festival

2005 danced by Daina Pjenke in the Melbourne Fringe Festival, North Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne

2004 danced by Daina Pjenke, the Hybrid Space, the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne

2004 danced by Megan Beckwith as part of the Public Fourcast Residency at Dudly House, Bendigo