Friend or Foe

The body becomes ambiguous and questionable as physicality morphs into different shapes, raising question of what constitutes the real body? This vision explores both utopic and dystopic themes within the cyborg tradition. The dancer is freed from her physical body but also constrained by it; her feet in one moment are metallic wings one moment and in another another twisting talons. She exists in a magical technological world, one that illuminates her body transforming her to an ethereal being free from gravities rules.

Choreographed and Animated by Megan Beckwith

Audio design by Jacques Soddell and danced by Martina Fellows


- 2006, the Playhouse, for the open day at the Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne

- 2006, the Commonwealth Games Festival, Bendigo

- 2005, the Melbourne Fringe Festival, North Melbourne Town Hall

- 2004, the Hybrid Space, the Victorian College of the Arts, November