If you could buy a body what would it be?

In a post-human world the ability buy new body parts could be an option. Current advances in medical technology create the possibility of a post-human world and establish questions around physicality more complex. Even now new forms of bodies have been created, that cross many historical boarders that exist between the living and dead, human and animal, male and female, physical and technical and even time and space. In this work a dancer tries on for size many different types of tor torsos, some in the form of the Venus de Milo or the Venus of Willendoerf and others that are not so traditional.

Choreographed & Animated Megan Beckwith

Sound Design by Jacques Soddell

Winner of the Australia Post Art Prize 2016


2018 Gasworks Arts Park, performed by Claire Leske, South Melbourne, March 2018
2018, Burrinja Arts Center, performed by Claire Leske, Upway, Feb 2018
2016 Winner of the Australia Post Art Prize, shown at the 69 Smith St Gallery, Melbourne as part of the Midsumma Festival
2016 Shortlisted, Australia Post Art Prize, 69 Smith St Gallery, Melbourne
2013 (3D) performed by Kara Burdack at the Newport Substation, the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne
2006 (2D) performed by Abbie Sherwood at the Playhouse, Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne
2006 (2D) performed by Abbie Sherwood for the Commonwealth Games Festival, Bendigo
2005 (2D) performed by Abbie Sherwood, Melbourne Fringe Festival, North Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne
2004 (2D) performed by Abbie Sherwood, the Hybrid Space, the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne