Conjectural Module # 3

Residency at Tower Studio

Queens College, University of Melbourne

Created in Collaboration with:

Tamara Marwood, Todd Baxter, Megan Beckwith, Jacques Soddell as Fourcast

Residency and Installation, November 6-29, 2002
Public performance Thursday 28th November, 2002

This month residency was at tower studio, Queens college, University of Melbourne

Tamara Marwood, Todd Baxter, Megan Beckwith and Jacques Soddell collaborated on the notion of weather and created a performance installation. 

This was the third in a series of six conjectural modules is a project coordinated by Sandra Bridie in the Tower Studio at Queen's College, Melbourne University between September 2002 - February 2003.

The program entails collaborations between a range of practitioners to create new work on-site at Tower Studio.  Artists participating in six conjectural modules will utilise Tower Studio as workshop, laboratory, rehearsal and exhibition space exploring ideas, media, space and personalities in collaboration.