The performance combines contemporary dance with stereoscopic illusions and video imagery. The work is based on the Walter Benjamin’s Ninth Thesis on the Philosophy of History, 1938. Benjamin describes the angel of history being ‘caught in a storm’ from Paradise and being ‘propelled into the future to which his back is turned’. This performance comments on how we move into the future by taking our past with us.

Animated by Megan Beckwith

Choreographed by Megan Beckwith & Seung Hi Lee

Audio Design by Jacques Soddell


- 2011, performed & choreographed by Steph Hutchison, the Melbourne Fringe Festival, '3D'at the No Vacancy Gallery, Federation Square, Melbourne

- 2008, performed by Megan Beckwith, Seung Hi Lee and Calum Healy, produced by the Next Wave Festival, premiered at the Back Box Theatre at the Melbourne Arts Center as part of the Sweet Region Season in the Next Wave Festival

"fearsome but fragile seraph: afloat, aghast, going who knows where"

Walter Benjamin