A Prosthetic Attachment

An animated prosthetic limb acquires massive form and it out-sizes the dancer’s original body part making the performer appear vulnerable in comparison. The limb morphs and twists out of control only to reform in treacherous shapes such as a claw, snake and robotic attachment. The dancer is unable to stop the relentlessness of the arm. The balance of power between the dancer and the animated arm prosthetic is a constant battle.

Choreographed and Animated by Megan Beckwith

Sound design by Jacques Soddell and danced by Ellen David



Gasworks Arts Park, performed by Claudia Rightmire, South Melbourne, 1- 3 March, 2018
Burrinja Arts Center, performed by Claudia Rightmire, Upway, Feb, 2018
 Newport Substation,  performed by Kara Burdack, the Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2013
The Commonwealth Games Festival, performed by Megan Beckwith, Bendigo, 2006
The Playhouse, performed by Ellen David, Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne, 2006
North Melbourne Town Hall Fringe Hub, performed by Ellen David, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne, 2005
The Hybrid Space, performed by Ellen David, the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, 2004