Virtual Drag

Virtual Drag is an immersive exhibition of 3D scans of drag queens and kings via virtual reality headsets by artists Alison Bennett, Megan Beckwith and Mark Payne. In this work they have explored the potential of 3D scanning to create hyper-real cyberspace encounters with some fabulous drag performers. The audience moves through a series of worlds inspired from not only the animated models but also the real people the scans were taken from. Epic landscapes, disintegrating rooms and black voids create the landscapes that the audience and each character inhabits. Virtual Drag has already generated a small buzz internationally in new media art circles. It has been featured on the uber cool UK based blog Prosthetic Knowledge, and picked up by Tumblr Radar. The computer game culture magazine KillScreen noted that the convergence of virtual reality and drag ‘realness’ opens a rabbit hole of accelerating conceptual possibilities.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body & Deakin Motion.Lab.

- Exhibition 1-7 February 2016  @ Testing Grounds 1-23 City Road, Southbank as part of the Midsumma Festival

Image: Philmah Bocks

Yes, No, Maybe

May 2015, The Engine Room at the Capital Theatre
Directed by Alex Walker and Sarah Austen
Yes/No/Maybe is a visually illuminating live art performance for audiences, which draws on Reality Theatre and live, participatory art techniques. Produced by Punctum Inc. Directed by Alex Walker and Sarah Austen.

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19 November  - 1 September,  2014 Feat Theatre, Melbourne
Megan created the interactive performance sound and video scape for this theatre work, created in the interactive theatre software Isadora.

Written by Gareth Ellis and directed by Amanda Falson.An absurd, dark, sci-fi comedy, Receivers explores the world of idealistic farmer Hedrick who, after years at agricultural school, simply cannot make things grow. Written by Gareth Ellis, directed by Amanda Falson, premiered in 2014 at the Feat Theatre, Melbourne.

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In collaboration with electronics artist Aaron Veryard, Megan created the dance movement and performed with interactive media.

Megan Beckwith and Aaron Veryard presented Render, a dance installation that integrated game console multimedia at the Old Fire Station in Bendigo. Veryard, an electronic artist  based used the inferred technology  in Wii gaming console to track the movements of Beckwith.  Her performed gestures were followed by minute sensors corresponding to several projected images that trailed Beckwith’s improvised movements,  lighting the darkened room of the Old Fire Station. Both performances were extremely successful and examined the advantages (and pitfalls) of integrating new technology into live art.


Miss Friday's 50/50 Dance Class

Dancer, Actor

Directed by Jude Anderson as part of the 2008 Castlemaine State Festival.  Miss Friday's 50/50 dance class for all the world and her partner we explore the finer art of invitation, rejection, seduction and dismissal. Friday’s dance class has been requested as a lead up to an important ball. Since the twist, most people have lost techniques for dancing with a partner; how to invite someone to dance; how to gracefully decline an invitation (be diplomatic in refusal) or withstand a rejection (retain dignity in the face of humiliation and defeat).  So Friday is called upon to reverse the trend and return the ball to its grand status of a place of collective grace and social finesse by teaching ballroom dancing technique.

Although seemingly nostalgic and “old fashioned” in title, Ms Friday’s 50/ 50 dance for all the world and her partner is technically a professional development class for reskilling ball goers in social diplomacy and seduction.

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Sweet Region

Megan created the multi-media element and collaborated with Suing He Lee in the development of the choreography

Sweet Region  brings together five groups of dancers, choreographers and artists from across Regional Victoria to create five new, dance-based works for a special one-night performance at the Arts Centre’s Black Box.

Under the mentorship of Creative Producer Natalie Cursio, each group has responded to Next Wave’s Festival theme to create an engaging new work, which speaks to their situation as both artists living and working in Regional communities, and emerging innovators in the field of dance. The resulting works include a series of innovative collaborations which fuse dance with film, animation and sound composition. Hailing from Bendigo, Geelong, Mildura and Warrnambool, the artists’ influences, practices and movement styles are diverse, carving out their own sense of people and place. After presentation at the 2008 Next Wave Festival, Sweet Region will tour to Bendigo, Geelong, Warrnambool and Mildura, to be showcased in the artists’ own communities.

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SHACK: Endangered Species

Megan performed  and animated this work in collaboration with Jude Anderson.

Shaped by necessity and built with what’s at hand, shacks are an endangered species. In SHACK – (endangered species), Punctum occupies prime real estate with an endangered settlement of shacks . SHACK is an installation of “future shacks” containing multiple performances that celebrate this maverick dwelling. SHACK investigates the poetics of space, place and how we are where we are in a world where our relationship with nature and trust is becoming increasingly complex.
Directed by Jude Anderson, supported by Arts Victoria, Regional Arts Victoria, City of Greater Bendigo, Shire of Mt. Alexander, Castlemaine State Festival, The Capital – Bendigo’s P.A.C., Workspace Australia, Sutton Grange Winery and Victoria Carpets.

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Subverted Spaces

Performed by Megan Beckwith in collaboration with electronic artist Aaron Veryard

Subverted Spaces was created in collaboration with Aaron Verard Brisbane based dancer, performer and electromechanical instillation artist and Megan Beckwith. This work explored the use of multi Media and mixed media to develop an instillation work based around the theme of ‘Subverted Spaces’ using projection, choreography, and found objects. Space will be destabilized, sabotaged and subverted in an investigation that intersects the ordinary with the hyper-virtual.

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Ephemeral Emporium

Megan created several ephemeral art objects in collaboration with Jude Anderson for this show including the Christmas e-card called, A Christmas Thong and Dance.

Punctum occupies Allan’s Walk Artist Run Space with a new shop.  A sweetly subversive work that re-interprets Christmas ephemera, consumerism, branding and “bottom lines”, supported Allan’s Walk Artist Run Space.

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Fourcast: Tent City

2006 March 17-19
Created in collaboration with Tamera Marwood, Jacques Soddell, Megan Beckwith and Matt Burne as Fourcast

This 5 week residency at Eaglehawk Dahlia and Arts Festival, ending in 3 days of performance/installation at the old tennis courts in Simpson's Rd Eaglehawk. Supported by Festivals Australia.  The tent city was a night time installation/performance for people to reflect on the diverse and multicultural origins of Eaglehawk and community life in a Tent City.


Created in collaboration with visual artist Ian Wells.

A Collaborative dance installation work by visual artist Ian Wells and Megan Beckwith performed at Federation Square for the Melbourne Fringe Festival. The audience viewed the dance performance from fisheye lens portholes installed in the side of a large white box. Creating the effect of a virtual space within a real environment. The work contained elements of thrill as it placed the spectator in a position of voyeur, through its peep show presentation. It also provided a disoriented and confusing view for the audience. Some audiences members were convinced that there were multiple rooms and numerous dancers within the box others were sure it was a video projection.

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This Fountain Operates Without Water

2005  April 1 - 10
Created in collaboration with Tamera Marwood, Jacques Soddell, Megan Beckwith and Matt Burne as Fourcast

This artists in residence during Castlemaine State Festival at Tute's Cottage, Castlemaine

Presented by Parks Victoria and Castlemaine State Festival

A new waterless fountain for each day of the Festival! Provisional, participatory and intimate, these works are informed by ecological, social and personal histories. Dive into water management issues facing Central Victorian communities, with Bendigo-based Fourcast. Experience creativity in action at Tute's Cottage heritage site. Fourcast is a small company of site specific regional artists comprising of Tamera Marwood, Jacques Soddell, Megan Beckwith and Matt Burne who collaborate across diverse art forms.  This work addresses water management issues facing Central Victorian communities and relate to the site within which they are created,  performed and installed.