A Prosthetic Attachment

An animated prosthetic limb acquires massive form and it out-sizes the dancer’s original body part making the performer appear vulnerable in comparison. The limb morphs and twists out of control only to reform in treacherous shapes such as a claw, snake and robotic attachment. The dancer is unable to stop the relentlessness of the arm. The balance of power between the dancer and the animated arm prosthetic is a constant battle.

Choreographed and Animated by Megan Beckwith

Sound design by Jacques Soddell and danced by Ellen David


- 2006, performed by Myfanwy Bostock at the Playhouse, Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne

- 2006, performed by Megan Beckwith for the Commonwealth Games Festival, Bendigo

- 2005, performed by Ellen David, Melbourne Fringe Festival, North Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne

- 2004, performed by Ellen David, the Hybrid Space, the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne